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Stilmania is one of the leading producers and distributors of acacia wood poles in Romania. We take orders across the country offering product warranty and timely delivery.

We offer acacia poles – round section with thickness between 6 and 25 cm (length selected on you place the order). We also offer a wide range of products including gates and wooden fences.

We can offer any quantity based on a contract (payable for an advance of 30% of the order value). Contact us in order to get more information or to receive a customized offer.


Manufacture of acacia poles

Acacia is mainly used for wooden fences, either for prohibited or professional use. Using acacia wood you will notice that the fences are much more durable. We offer customized solutions to meet your needs, considering that the production of acacia poles is our specialty.

Depending on the subsequent use, we can offer you services of:

  • peeling
  • sharp (at one thick end and the other thin end)
  • polished
  • round or cut shape
  • variable diameter
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Peeling and bituminous

The acacia logs are unloaded directly into the warehouse and sharpened, they are placed on different piles depending on the length. The wood is peeled and sharpened with the help of the beaver – automatic machine for peeling. We carry out bituminous processes to increase the term of resistance of the wood.

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Fences (with wooden poles, concrete and iron)

Our team designs and executes fences at the best prices. We offer to our clients constructions models of diversified fences, 100% quality, guarantee of work, free consultancy and quick assembly. We only use high quality materials for fencing.

One of the most used materials for building fences is wood. Wooden fences are elegant, practical and easy to build. It is an advantageous material as a price, and if the wood is well treated it can withstand years as new. Moreover, its treatment is absolutely necessary, because otherwise the wood will be affected by moisture and sun rays.

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Maintenance of orchards and pastures

The months of March and April are the most important periods for the care and maintenance of the orchard. It is the most suitable month of the year for planting trees, fruit and ornamental shrubs.


Orchard planting

Whether you want to set up a large or smaller family orchard, you can call on our help to be sure that the trees will be professionally planted. The professional planting of trees takes into account both the specificity of the trees, as well as the configuration of the land, the purpose of the plantation, etc.

Orchard maintenance

Whether we are talking about large orchards or family orchards, proper maintenance is essential to achieve the rich fruit dream. We can provide you with the spring cuts, but also the treatments needed to keep the trees in the best state of health.

For now, our services cover only Hunedoara and Alba Iulia and their surroundings, but under certain conditions, we can move in other areas of the country.

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1. Acacia wood poles round section thickness between 8 and 22 cm any length to order.

For other thicknesses and dimensions it is calculated as follows:

Thickness Price
8 – 10 cm 2.5 €/ml
10 – 12 cm 3.1 €/ml
12-16 cm 4.1 €/ml
16-20 cm 5.05 €/ml
20-25 cm 6 .1€/ml

* For any other thickness is made by custom order.


2. Work logs

Thickness Price
over 25cm 200 €/m3


3. For peeling (50 cm) sharpening and bitumen – 2.5 € /piece in addition to the displayed price.


4. Complete peeling, sharpening and bituminous (50 cm) – 3.03€ / piece in addition to the displayed price.


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